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Gambling has long since transformed from a mere way to kill time into entertainment with worldwide appeal. In search of thrill and big wins, lots of people over the globe regularly indulge themselves in games of chances of various types such as slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and many others. However, among the extensive variety of gaming options, slot machines are the most popular casino game. Today, we’re going to list the reasons why one-armed bandits beckon the lion’s share of punters. 

Easy to Play

Unlike poker or blackjack, you can play slots without any prior knowledge. A slot machine is the easiest and at the same time the most lucrative casino game, which enables you to win heaps of money with a single button press. In order to start playing other gambling games, you have to learn a great number of rules; and when it comes to winning, you should have skills close to those professionals have. 

Extensive Access & Wide Variety of Options

In many gambling countries, a slot (in Australia knowns as pokies and in Japan they have a similar game called pachinko game) are available not only in casinos but in some pubs and bars as well. You don’t need to travel long distances, wasting your time and efforts, to spin your favorite game after a tough day. 

In addition, slots — be it online or land-based — offer you a wide variety of choices to play, while other gambling titles have a pretty limited selection of entertainment. There are vintage and modern, multiple-reeled, numerous ways-to-win slots, to mention just three.  

Bonus Rounds & Features

Bonus rounds are deemed to be one of the major aspects players look for in one-armed bandits. This is primarily due to the fact they are so absorbing that sometimes the excitement you experience while playing them can make up for your losses. To date, software developers come up with as much as hundreds of bonuses of different types and themes, including Free Spins, German mythology, space-themed, and others. 

Features are also available in abundance. You can play with cascading wilds, gamble game options, multipliers, spontaneous bonuses, random jackpots, avalanche features, etc. Slots that have a decent number of bonus rounds and features are sought-after, as they allow you to win huge while having fun. 

Progressive Jackpots

When it comes to jackpots, there is little to be said since everything is already clear from the name. Enormous wins (sometimes amounting to millions of dollars) are offered by progressive one-handed bandits, and you’re the one who can win it. Of course, they can be long in coming, but as the quote says: “if you try, you might fail. But if you don’t try, you’ll never succeed.” 

These jackpots are always progressive, meaning that every time a player makes a spin in a slot game, a certain percentage of the money contributes to the total jackpot amount. As of the moment of writing, the paid-out money comprises as much as €2,475,772,051.